Ultrasonic Two-Point Level Alarm

TLA alarm is a modification of the ultrasonic UTS level alarm and provides two levels of loading signals. The main application of TLA level alarm is found in TSS/Alarm cargo overflow control systems for signaling the loading level of 95 % and 98 %.

Alarms are used to signal the level of loading in cargo tanks of tankers, floating storages of FSO, FPSO, onshore storages of oil products. 

TLA has two sensing elements (waveguides), providing two levels of response; length of the waveguides shall be determined by the customer taking into account the required levels of response. Design of the alarm provides pushbuttons to check operability of each alarm channel in accordance with requirements of classification agencies submitted to cargo overflow monitoring systems.

Technical specifications of TLA alarm

Housing material
Stainless steel AISI 316L or equivalent
2 × 7/14 mA HART
Explosion protection
EExia IIC T6
Degree of protection
Operating temperature range
-55...+85 °С
Number of alarm points
Built-in check pushbuttons
Power supply
24 VDC

Product approved with RS and RRR certificates.