Emergency Alarm System

Ship-wide alarm signaling

The emergency alarm system provides for supply of a ship-wide alarm and other alarm signals emitted by light and sound devices, according to the rules of the Manual on Fight for Survivability of Ships.

The system includes:

  • automatic emergency alarm;
  • signal devices – light and sound.

The emergency alarm system has up to five alarm modes:

  • manual mode;
  • ship-wide/boat alert;
  • man overboard;
  • radiation hazard;
  • gas alarm.

Number of operating modes of a particular system shall be determined by the customer. Operator switches on the required alarm mode by pressing the corresponding buttons on the control panel.

The control panels of the emergency alarm system shall be installed in the wheelhouse and in the room designed for keeping watch when the vessel is parked in the port, if any on the vessel. Light and sound devices are installed in the engine rooms, in public premises, on open decks, in corridors of accommodation, office and public premises in accordance with requirements of the relevant classification agency.

Product approved with RS and RRR certificates.