SCADA OSSY-NG is a modern Russian multi-operational development in the field of process control automation, which combines high operational performance, wide functionality and reasonable cost.

Distinctive features of SCADA OSSY-NG:

  • fully Russian development;
  • absence of excessive functionality inherent in almost all foreign universal systems;
  • ability to quickly adapt to different process tasks;
  • ability to create multi-level DCS of any complexity;
  • ability to operate with the lower level automation manufactured by any manufacturer;
  • powerful tools of graphic designing, filling of databases and linking of the system to implementation facility;
  • stability of operation confirmed by practice;
  • simulation of signals from the equipment.

Valcom’s hardware and software – data acquisition and processing devices, sensors, SCADA OSSY-NG – are integrated into a single hardware-software complex, based on which TSS/Control, TSS/Cargo, TSS/Control Docking automation systems, fuel consumption control systems, and other automation system manufactured by Valcom are built.

Product approved with RS and RRR certificates.