TSS/NAV Video Wall

Bridge Display System

TSS/NAV system is designed to facilitate the work of the captain or deck officer in the vessel management.

TSS/NAV allows displaying up to 16 different sources of ship data simultaneously on a large screen display (video wall): radar, navigation sounder, fish finder, electronic maps, calculating device for vessel dynamic stability, engine parameters, data from the automated control system, video cameras, etc. TSS/NAV complex also makes it possible to quickly reconfigure the data type on the large screen display, depending on the task. The main component of the video wall is a matrix display consisting of several MOC-M46 monitors of own production with a diagonal display of 46 inches. The matrix display can include from 2 to 10 MOC-M46 monitors.


  • ability to combine images;
  • brightness control;
  • video screen saving configurations;
  • control of video sources from one console;
  • ability to save and load individual display configurations. 

The captain or deck officer has the ability to adjust and switch screens using the touch panel, as well as create and save the desired setting for any sailing, fishing conditions and time of day, as well as personal preferences. When changing the watch or working conditions, one only needs to select the desired display configuration from the list. Detailed information on possible versions, order codes and specifications can be found on the Valcom’s website.

Key characteristics of TSS/NAV complex

Overall dimensions of MOC-M46 monitor
1051 × 605 × 149 mm
Resolution of MOC-M46 monitor
1920 × 1080 px
Power supply
220 VAC 50 Hz or 24 VDC
Weight of one MOC-M46 monitor
41 kg max.
Number of monitors in the video wall
2 to 10
Number of connected data sources
up to 16
Video inputs

Product approved with RS certificate.