Multifunctional Level, Pressure, Temperature, Density Meter

The multi-functional TGD meter is designed for simultaneous measurement of level, pressure of inert gases, temperature (up to 15 points) and density (optional) in cargo tanks of tankers, gas carriers, FSO, FPSO, offshore drilling and stationary platforms, as well as onshore storage facilities of oil, oil products or liquefied gases.

Depending on purpose, available in different versions:

— One-channel – measurement of level or temperature

— Three-channel – measurement of level and temperature;

— Four-channel – measurement of level, temperature, pressure and density.

Technical specifications of TGD meter

Housing material
Stainless steel AISI 316L or equivalent
Electrical connection
2-wire line (HART)
Explosion protection
EExia IIC T5
Degree of protection
Operating temperature
-55...+80 °С

TGD measurement channels

L – level measurement
Measuring range
0...26 m
Basic error of measurement
±2 mm
Product temperature
-200...+150 °С
T-temperature measurement
Number of measurement points
up to 15
Basic error of measurement
Measuring range
-200...+150 °С
P – measurement of inert gas pressure
Basic error of measurement
Measuring range
±100...±500 mbar
S – density measurement
Measuring range
500 – 1500 kg/m3
Measurement accuracy
0.1% of measured range

Product approved with RS certificate.