Stability, Strength, Subdivision Calculation System (Strength Control Device)

Masterload cargo computer is designed for generation of transportation plans, checking the operational parameters of safe operation of vessels in the current state of loading.

MasterLoad is commercially installed on tankers, gas carriers, bulk carriers, container ships, floating cranes and drilling platforms. 

MasterLoad can operate both in stand-alone mode (for preparation of a transportation plan), and in conjunction with level sensors installed in the tanks and reservoirs of the vessel and is created by using the vessel’s design documentation. 

When calculating trim and stability in various load conditions, checks are carried out in accordance with stability criteria of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and IMO. Strength calculations are performed for “Ship at Sea” and “Ship at Port” cases. 

Purpose of MasterLoad strength monitoring device:

  • assignment by the operator of tanker loading scheme and its display in graphical and tabular form;
  • accounting for icing, seawater density and availability of additional dry cargo;
  • calculation of trim, stability, strength of the tankerin the current loading status, comparison of calculations with the criteria set by IMO;
  • generation of an option of loading the cargo tanks using information from the level alarms installed in them; • calculation of crane or A-frame operations;
  • offline mode display of cargo tanks filling status and tanker trim;
  • storage of loading options and calculation parameters of these options;
  • record of results of the performed calculations;
  • calculation of dynamic stability during crane operation.

Product approved with RS and RRR certificates.