Pneumercator System for Measurement of Vessel Draft and Level in Ballast/Service Tanks

Pneumercator system (piezometric, electropneumatic) for measurement of level in ballast/service tanks and vessel draft is designed to be installed on all types of vessels — tankers, bulk carriers, gas carriers, barges, as well as floating docks.

The TSS/BMS system provides:

  • measurement of level in ballast tanks of a vessel/dock;
  • measurement of level in the service and day tanks of a vessel/dock — fuel, fresh water content, etc.;
  • measurement of draft of a vessel/dock. 

The measuring principle of level by the system is the periodic supply of compressed air to the tank through an air tube running from the measurement unit of the system to the bottom of the tank (refer to the Flow Chart). After the end of air supply to the tube, excess air pressure is discharged through the open end of the tube located at the bottom of the tank, and a pressure equal to the hydrostatic pressure of the liquid column in the tank is set in the tube. Thus, by measuring the steady-state air pressure in the tube, current level of liquid in the tank can be calculated if its density is known. 

Measurement of the vessel’s draft is similar to that of the liquid level in the tanks, in which case the air tube is removed from the system to the bottom of the vessel. Due to the adaptive pulse mode, the system has very low air consumption, while providing high accuracy and efficiency of measurements regardless of length of air lines.

The TSS/BMS system has a type approval certificate of the RS and is based on components of own production — computers, controllers, sensors, also having approval of the Registry of Shipping and the Russian River Register.

The TSS/BMS system can be supplied either separately or as part of a technical means integrated control system — TSS/Control.

Technical parameters of TSS/BMS system

Measuring range
0...10 m, 0...20 m, 0...40 m
Basic error of level/draft measurement
±0.25% of measurement range
System power supply
220 VAC or 24 VDC
Power consumption
10 W max.
Air flow
0.2 Nl/h per 1 channel
Number of measurement channels
12/16/20/24 channels for one 600 × 600 × 210 mm standard system cabinet, number of cabinets in the system is not limited
2 × RS-485 Modbus RTU

Product approved with RS and RRR certificates.