Fuel Consumption Monitoring System

Fuel Consumption Monitoring and Optimization

The fuel consumption monitoring system is an integral part of the TSS/Control and TSS/Cargo systems providing control of fuel and lubricants availability on board, their movement and consumption.

The system stores the values of the monitored parameters (fuel consumption by consumers, fuel level and temperature in tanks, operating time of mechanisms, etc.) in the ship database with a specified interval and allows further transfer of the accumulated data to the ship owner’s office, as well as generate reports on fuel availability, movement and consumption (both on board and in the office).

The system includes:

  • level meters for accounting the fuel stored in ship tanks;
  • flow meters for accounting fuel consumption and movement;
  • computing units and software providing storage and processing of the data, report generation;
  • communication equipment providing remote connection and data transfer to the onshore server of the system.