Independent Cargo Overflow Control System

TSS/Alarm system is designed for installation on bulk carriers — tankers, bunkering vessels, oil barges, LNG/LPG gas carriers.

The system provides for level monitoring at two actuation points on each tank (typical actuation points of level are 95% and 98%).

TSS/Alarm provides for generation of sound and light alarm when the controlled levels are reached. The system provides for sound and light signals when critical levels are reached on deck and at the location of the alarm panel. Also, TSS/Alarm system generates two generalized 95% and 98% signals to TSS/Cargo and/or TSS/Control system. When the level reaches 95%, a yellow light alarm is generated, when the level reaches 98% — red one. Sound alarm for 95% and 98% levels has a different tone.

Level is monitored by a special deck sensor TLA, which has:

  • built-in diagnostics;
  • test pushbuttons for “manual” actuation check before loading and unloading;
  • housing and rods of sensitive elements in stainless steel;
  • degree of protection IP67.

TSS/Alarm system has a type approval certificate of the RS and is based on components of own production — computers, controllers, sensors, also having approval of the Registry of Shipping and the Russian River Register.

TSS/Alarm system can be supplied either separately or as part of an integrated control system of the technical means (ICS TM) — TSS/Control.

Technical specifications of TSS/Alarm system

Number of cargo/slop tanks
Not limited
Cabinet protection
Main power supply
220 V AC / 24 V DC
Backup power supply
220 V AC / 24 V DC

Product approved with RS and RRR certificates.