Remote Control and Bulk Carrier Handling Operations Monitoring System

The system is designed for installation on bulk carriers — tankers and bunkering vessels.

TSS/Cargo provides for:

  • for each cargo/slop tank:
    • loading level measurement (closed method);
    • vapor or vacuum overpressure measurement (with indication and WAS);
    • cargo temperature (elevation of up to 15 measurement points);
  • level/temperature measurement for each ballast tank;
  • cargo manifold pressure/temperature monitoring;
  • cargo movement monitoring during handling operations by means of flow meters;
  • vessel roll and trim difference measurement;
  • monitoring and control of cargo/ballast system valves and pumps; • monitoring of inert gas system (IGS);
  • warning alarm when the controlled parameters (level, pressure, temperature, flow) get beyond the specified limits or mechanisms (pumps, valves, IGS, etc.) fail to operate.  

To measure the cargo parameters of in cargo and slop tanks, multifunctional TGD meters (44 lines) are used providing simultaneous high-precision measurement of level, temperature, pressure and density and having a digital output, which allows significantreducing the number of cables. The data from TSS/Cargo system are delivered in real time to Masterload cargo computer (24 lines). 

The system is built based components of own production — computers, controllers, sensors approved by RS and RRR.

TSS/BMS system can be supplied either separately or as part of an integrated control system of the technical means (ICS TM) — TSS/Control.

Product approved with RS and RRR certificates.