Integrated Control System for the Technical Means of the Vessel (ICS TM)

TSS/Control is designed for installation on any types of vessels — tankers, bulk carriers, gas carriers, barges, floating docks, offshore platforms, etc.

The system provides monitoring of operation of machines and mechanisms, warning alarm system (WAS) and monitoring of the following mechanisms and systems: 

  • ballast-drainage system;
  • compressed air system;
  • fuel system;
  • wastewater system;
  • utility and fresh water system;
  • ventilation and air conditioning system;
  • electric power system (EPS) and diesel generators (DG);
  • main engines (ME);
  • other.

The integrated monitoring, control and alarm system performs the following functions:

  • acquisition, processing and transfer of information on main power plant, power plants, EPS and optical tracker;
  • control of technical means (remote and automatic), including emergency protection of mechanisms and plants monitored by the system;
  • signaling of operation, malfunctions and changes in operating modes of mechanisms and plants, on reaching limit values by controlled parameters (WAS);
  • generalized warning alarm system (GWAS) in control rooms, cabins, service and public premises and group warning alarm system with output to light and sound columns;
  • presentation of information to the operator on screens of operator stations, light boards and other means of information display;
  • locking of alarm for disabled mechanisms;
  • data transfer to the voyage data recorder;
  • monitoring of engine room personnel ability;
  • call of watch mechanical engineer;
  • self-monitoring of the system;
  • WAS history storage;
  • construction of trends in real time and for a certain period of time;
  • possibility of appointment of watch mechanical engineer;
  • monitoring, WAPS and ballast system control;
  • monitoring of remotely controlled valves;
  • monitoring of ship mechanism fuel consumption;
  • other functions upon request of the customer.

TSS/Control (ICS TM) is a distributed redundant computing system built based on modern equipment and industrial automation. The system has a type approval certificate of the Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping (RS) and is based on components of own production — computers, controllers, sensors, also having approval of the RS and the Russian River Register (RRR).

Product approved with RS and RRR certificates.