Ultrasonic Multipath Flowmeter

UMF flow meter provides measurement of volume or volume-mass flow of liquid media and is designed for use in metering and monitoring systems of fuel, oil, fresh water and other liquids in automatic control systems of technical means (ICS TM).

To measure the flow rate with an ultrasonic flow meter with a given error, certain conditions shall be observed during installation ensuring full filling of the flow meter chamber with flowing liquid and laminar flow. This can be achieved by installing flow meters on ascending or rectilinear sections of pipelines, as well as by providing straight sections upstream and downstream the flow meters, length of which depends on availability of valves on the pipelines, reducers, elbows, branches, etc.

Technical specifications of UMF flow meter

Housing material
Stainless steel AISI 316L or equivalent
Nominal diameter
4-20 mA HART
Measuring range
depending on DN
Basic error of measurement
from 0.25%
Explosion protection
Degree of protection
Power supply
24 VDC
Operating temperature
-55...+80 °С
Medium temperature

Product approved with RS certificate.