Temperature Transmitter

UTT transmitter is designed to measure and signal the temperature of liquid and gaseous media — water, coolant, steam, oil and oil products, exhaust gases, etc.

UTT transmitter is available with a variety of threaded and flange connections, lengths of sensing elements, and flexible and rigid extensions providing temperature monitoring in areas that are difficult to access.

Technical specifications of transmitter

Housing material
Stainless steel AISI 316L or equivalent
4-20 mA HART
Measuring range
upon request, -200 °С ... +700 °С
Basic error of measurement
up to ±0.5%
Explosion protection
0ЕxiaIIСT5 X
Degree of protection
IP67 or IP68
Power supply
24 VDC
Operating temperature
-60...+85 °С

Documentation and software

Product approved with RS and RRR certificates.