Ultrasonic Level Alarm

UTS ultrasonic level alarm is designed for discrete monitoring of level of liquids in vessel tanks, reservoirs, bilge wells, cofferdams, monitoring of water ingress to the compartments, etc.

Principle of operation of ultrasonic alarms:

  • ultrasonic level alarms have no moving parts. Principle of operation is based on the estimation of the damping value of the resonator located at the end of the waveguide rod, while the waveguide is not sensitive to contact with liquid;
  • piezoelectric transmitter generating vibrations is placed inside the housing of the alarm taken out of the tank. This improves reliability and simplifies its maintenance;
  • ultrasonic principle of operation is distinguished by increased protection from accretion, strength under dynamic loads, higher operation reliability.

UTS are widely used on sea and river vessels, tankers, chemical carriers, gas carriers, offshore drilling platforms and are commercially made of stainless steel or titanium (other materials upon request).

UTS alarm is made of stainless steel and is available with various types of threaded and flange connections, as well as with different waveguide lengths, including a flexible waveguide providing level signaling in places that are difficult to access.

Technical specifications of UTS alarm

Housing material
Stainless steel AISI 316L or equivalent
Repeatability of operation
<1 mm
Output signal
NO/NC relay contacts
7/14 mA HART
Explosion protection
0ExiaIICT6 X
Degree of protection
IP67 or IP68
Operating temperature range
-55ºС … +85 ºС
Process temperature
-200ºС…+450 ºС
Number of alarm points
Power supply
=24 VDC

Product approved with RS and RRR certificates.